Digital Marketing in IRAN


Darkob is the best digital marketing company in Iran. Darkob is able to connect businesses to their relevant target audiences. It identifies gaps in marketing and devises strategies to overcome them. They create and execute brand strategies through dynamic digital marketing with their team of experts. The company helps boost the experience of users to a perfect one. Nowadays, businesses around the world have been keen on digital marketing companies to help them with growth.

Digital marketing occurs completely online and electronically. It means, various companies and brands have much more options to achieve more customers by email, video, social networks and search engines.

In all stages of digital marketing, knowing brands by people, is the first and last word and is considered as a main principle. In today’s online world, all businesses have their own websites and they consider that having a website is one of their business obligations. Even if they don’t have a website, they try to have a strong presence in social networks or other channels. Hence, today it is known as a vital issue on the internet competitive space.

Digital marketing is defined as the use of multiple digital channels and tactics to communicate with customers who spend most of their time online. Some special activities such as digital advertising, email marketing and online brochures are great tactics under the umbrella of digital marketing. Darkob web design and digital marketing company has always tried to do its best when it has a project related to different fields of this area. It could conduct everything as a digital market company to develop various businesses.

Darkob is well aware of what it wants to do with its digital campaigns and the goals it is trying to achieve with its marketing. Depending on the goals of its marketing strategies, Darkob web design agency can implement its goals through free and paid channels.

For example, a content marketer in Darkob digital marketing team, can prepare content for a blog, which has been proven to attract the most audience in recent years. Digital marketers in this web design company may prepare posts for business pages, even prepare content for advertising on these platforms, and finally help promote blog posts by publishing content. Marketers should compile and execute email campaigns in the email section of Marketing and tell users about new products or promotions in that campaign. In addition to its digital marketing team, Darkobs’ SEO team in Iran, also can help different businesses to develop themselves as perfect as possible.

The benefits of digital marketing which is done by Darkob for different businesses

Digital marketing in Iran, helps you develop your brands, get to know your audience, learn important information about them, and find the best way to attract individuals’ attention to your products or services. Darkob has a professional team for it and they do it in a perfect way. The benefits of digital marketing include: 

  1. You will get to know your audience.

As it was written before, digital marketing offers the perfect way to get to know and connect with your audience. You can test offers and messages and get an insight into the peak times they visit your website. If you have a social media strategy, you will be able to build relationships with your customers, faster and easier. Attune yourself to your audience and to build great strategies to overcome your customers’ competitors. 

  1. It is affordable and you aren’t forced to allocate a great deal of budget to it.

Compared to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is really affordable in Darkob. You can ask Darkob web design company to do everything related to it for you. You can create a slick, professional website for a relatively small cost. You can also create social media accounts for free, or even be a part of a much larger online society.

  1. You can market to anyone, anywhere.

When you are developing your business by digital marketing, you can be sure that all people who are around the world and require services related to your business could be you customer. Although, Darkob has been working as a special digital marketing agency for many years in Iran, it is able to conduct all services related to digital marketing for all customers who are in different areas around the world. Digital marketing is able to change your business to an international business. You can expand your market, and grow your business in different ways that would have seemed impossible before.

  1. Digital marketing in Iran is adapt

Digital marketing improves you to be able to be fast, fluid and nimble in your approach. different strategies, assess the results, and try something different the following month — or week. Get access to real-time data to help inform your business decisions — there’s no need to wait weeks to see the results of a campaign.

  1. You can personalize by channel

Your marketing must deploy cross-channel functionality from teams with multiple skill sets to engage customers where they are in that precise moment. For example, each social media platform includes different audiences and expectations, so marketing may look different for each. This includes tone, imagery, offers, and scheduling of your posts.

  1. You can measure campaigns and set KPIs

Digital marketing supports a vast universe of metrics that can be utilized to determine the effectiveness of your marketing. Start by setting your goals for each channel and the metrics you want to see for them. You can track the number of conversions and leads, visits to your website, and much more — giving you plenty of valuable insight to help grow your business. Another service which is provided by Darkob in Iran is to design special websites for different businesses to develop themselves.

Darkob has always tried to do its best. It is the best digital marketing agency in Iran. Darkob services include all areas of digital marketing, especially the following:

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Content Production
  • Instagram Marketing

What are the main digital marketing’s media?

Each digital marketing project in Iran, has its own media that uses to identify users, and these media are different for each business and may be more or less.

Owned media

These media are created by the business, and are under its full control, such as: website and blog, social networks, email, brochures, catalogs and any other media which are created and managed by the business itself. Because these media are exclusive, they can be easily managed and optimized to increase the number of site users and increase sales.

Purchased media

For utilizing media, you have to pay a fee, which has a faster and greater impact on digital marketing, such as: banner ads, ads on social networks such as Telegram and Instagram, ads on Google, and etc. The use of these media can involve many individuals in a short time, and direct them to your site, and if these tools are used correctly, they can have a positive effect on increasing the conversion rate of the site.

Created media

These media are not at your disposal, nor do you pay for them, but they are created for you for free in different spaces, such as: publishing a user’s personal experience of your product on the social network, publishing news about the business You on other sites, being referenced and linking to reputable sites as a successful and reliable business. The content that is produced for these types of media, is usually a personal experience, and for this reason, it gives other individuals on the Internet a sense of trust and purchase of your products, but this type of content is difficult to obtain and requires the provision of a quality product.

The most important tools  in digital marketing

There is mentioned that you can use different tools for online sales and it completely depends on your past experience and the amount of budget you have allocated for it.

Don’t forget SEO

Website optimization for search engine can be considered as the most important digital marketing tool, because it increases the site’s organic traffic and product and services sales. By using SEO, you can optimize your site, and after a while, a large number of pages on your site will be ranked on Google, and search engine leads the user to your site. In general, SEO can be divided into two parts:

Internal SEO:

It includes any activity that is done for the internal optimization of the site, in terms of fixing coding errors to improve the content and speed of the site for the user.

External SEO:

It includes the external activities of your site, and the most important part of it, is building backlinks on reputable sites with the aim of introducing and building trust for the users.

Content marketing, important and affordable

Content is all you have to interact with the users, engage them, and with a proper strategy you can make the best use of it.

By using content, you can interact with the viewers and motivate them about your products, get new customers, give valuable information to the user, and answer the question in their mind.

The most important parts in which you can introduce your product by creating content are:

  • Landing page content
  • Blog articles
  • Email and newsletter
  • Infographics and photos
  • E-book and brochure
  • Video tutorial and product introduction
  • Podcast and audio training
  • Email marketing, old but effective

For many years, email was known as the only marketing tool on the Internet. But now, there are so many new tools which have been added to digital marketing. It is still impossible to ignore email and ignore its value. Currently, there are more than 3.7 billion email users in the world, and this ensures that you can drive a large number of users to your product by sending the right promotional email.

The request that you send to the users by email is divided in the following two categories:

1- Introduction of new products, festivals and seasonal discounts, news of your collection, educational video and even introduction of the latest blog content.

2- The exclusive content of each user, which is selected according to his behavior in the past with the site and the history of his previous purchases, such as sending a discount code for a birthday or a special discount to repeat purchases.

Social media marketing 

81% of Iranians are active in social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp and use them every day. When you want to start your work on social networks to get customers, the first step is to know your users  are on which of these networks, and you don’t need to be everywhere when you do not have any clear reason. For example, if you have a special organizational product for sale, it is better to have a strong presence on LinkedIn, and if you have a general product such as clothes, it is better to be active on Instagram.

For optimal use of social networks in digital marketing, it is essential to observe the following points:

Be active in 2 to 3 social networks related to your business,
Interact with the users and answer their questions,
Publish the content that you created in a relevant manner,
Create periodic promotions,
Ask followers to like and repost your content,
Participate in discussions and do not leave comments unanswered,
Get new customers and introduce yourself by using promotional packages,
Work with pages and influencers who have a favorable track record and a high engagement rate.

Clickable ads and Google Ads

Search engines, especially Google, are the first space on which, a user goes to find the answer of a question in their mind, and at that time, visiting your ad is really great for your business. Advertisements on Google are known as AdWords or Google Ads and it can be said that, it is the best type of clickable advertising, and you can create different types of advertising campaigns with different uses. Except Google, you can create a campaign in the form of a banner or similar campaign in social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, and also Iranian advertising platforms, and use it to attract users to the site. 

The general form of paid advertising on the Internet can be in the following ways:

  • Clickable ads on Google
  • Banner ads on Google
  • Application installation ads on Google
  • Advertisement related to products of stores on Google
  • Banner advertising on Iranian and foreign platforms
  • Identical advertisement of Iranian and foreign platforms
  • Video advertisement on Iranian and foreign platforms
  • Push notification advertisement of Iranian and foreign platforms
  • Retarget advertising on Google and Iranian and foreign platforms

The importance of periodic measurement of digital marketing results in Iran

Now, that we are familiar with the tools of digital marketing, and you have started marketing on the Internet by choosing the best tool, you should know how you have performed over time and whether you are on the correct way or not. Fortunately, in digital marketing, everything can be measured, evaluated and optimized to get better results. By using free analysis tools such as Google Analytics, which is an international tool, you can see how the most traffic can inter to your site, and by defining a goal, you can find out what conversion rate users can make for your website.

What is the main role of a digital marketer in internet marketing?

A person who works as a digital marketer in any digital marketing agency in Iran like Darkob, should be fully familiar with its tools, and be able to offer the best package to the customers based on their needs and budget.

Getting to know the way of customer on the Internet

A user who buys on the Internet goes through three stages of awareness, decision and purchase All of these stages make a special process which is called the Customer Journey. A digital marketer must be familiar with this path and the site optimization method to get the best results from this path.

The first stage – awareness

At this stage, users are looking for a general answer to the questions in their mind, and still do not have any idea about them. in fact, these questions are related to products or services. For example, a user is looking to gain weight, but does not know the right method for it. Search term: fast obesity methods  or one month obesity at home.

The second stage – decision

At this stage, the mental space of the users are formed, and they know what they want. Search term: herbal fattening pill.

The third step – purchase

At this stage, users have chosen their products, and are looking for a store that is reliable to buy those products. The search phrase: herbal obesity pills Dr.

It is clear, as users are going on, their searching keywords are changing to the longer and more specialized ones. The content of your site should be arranged in such a way that it accompanies the user on this path and finally turns him into a customer of your product.


The Internet world has a great potential to increase the sales of products and introduce different services. Improving our businesses on the net, can help us to storage both our time and money much more than when we are trying to develop our business in real world. Digital marketing is a modern industry which help us in this path. A large number of digital marketing agencies in Iran exist, and Darkob as a professional one can serve all businesses which require services related to web designing, SEO and digital marketing.