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In the age of technology and digital development, most people are on the internet spending their lives in digital world. That is why many businesses have online presence and digital space too. By digital space we mean websites! Businesses have been able to grow using websites which in turn has resulted in the growth of web design companies all over the world who design all kind of websites for entrepreneurs.

But just building a website is not enough to develop your business and increase your customers and income. What is more important is to use your business website effectively. In order to do that, you need a flawless web design and 24/7 support from your designer!
Flawless web design is the result of designer’s knowledge and experience with a unique style. The visual beauty, ease of navigation, mobile friendliness and the integrity of the look with your business logo and color scheme are all important defining elements. The look of your website is the first element that catches the attention of visitors, then with the help of unique and useful contents helps to keep them in your website and encourages them to return and act according to your goals.
Customer support is critical for websites because most website owners do not have enough knowledge to manage their website that is why upon launching their website, they are lost and confused and often times they make mistakes big enough to cause them lose their website! For this reason many web design companies offer customer support.
In this article, we want to elevate your knowledge and show you how to choose the best web design company for your website.

Choosing a web design company

The first step to have the perfect website is to choose the right web design company. In Iran, there are many web design companies which make it hard to choose the one that is right for you. In order to choose the right web design company, you must consider some criteria so you can short list the best companies.
The right web design company does not leave you on your own with a website that has many technical problems. Designing the website is not all you pay for but a web design company must provide professional support for their customers.
In order to choose the best web design company you must first define your goal in creating a website and know what the website will do for you. Ask yourself: Is this enough just to have a website? Or you’re looking to generate income from your website? Next step is to allocate your budget for website design cost. Then make a list of all web design companies that for any reason has attracted your attention, either they were recommended to you or you have seen their ads.
Here, we will name important factors to consider when choosing the best web design company:

  • 24/7 customer support

Customer support sets the difference between web design companies. A person without any knowledge managing a website will face many issues even if he/she has been trained by the company. That is why it is essential to have the web design company available to help you when you are faced with problems. Fortunately most web design companies offer customer support but only a few offer 24/7 online supports!
One of the advantages Darkoob Web Design has over other web design companies is that Darkoob offers 24/7 online customer support. This gives you peace of mind to manage your business and not to worry about your website. 24/7 Online Customer Support is so important that must be your first factor when choosing the best web design company. It is almost certain that different issues will arise at any given moment and when unsolved, your website will face undesirable consequences so prioritize 24/7 online support in the services you are getting in order to prevent future problems.

  • Their own website

Look at their website. Without a doubt, a web design company has created their best work for their own business! Read some of their articles too in order to know where they stand in terms of web design knowledge.

  • Their previous designs

Browse through their web designs to find out about their styles and skills. If your goal is to get SEO services, search Google to find out about ranking of their optimized websites and also pay attention to their loading speed.

  • Their packages

Check out their packages, choose the right one for your needs and budget and look at the details of what is being offered to you. Just remember, if you know nothing about web design and website management, make sure that control panel training is included in your package otherwise after website launch you are left with a lot of questions and problems. The company should provide you with access to control panel too so you can manage the website on your own.

  • The cost

When it comes to cost, the prices are almost the same among professional web design companies so don’t fall into the trap of very cheap prices that are being offered. These offers do not include training or customer support which is essential for your success.


It is good to always define your goals first before approaching any web design company and then decide on what you are expecting from your web designer. In your choice consider training the control panel and 24/7 online website support in order to make sure you always have help when needed. This way you are geared for success in your online business.
The best website design armed with best SEO will attract more visitors which will lead to better ranking and more income.
Darkoob offers The Best Web Design coupled with SEO services that will make your website stand out in the crowd, attract more visitors and appear at the top spot in Google search results all of which will lead to more income and success.

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