Web Design in IRAN

Web design is the process of designing and crafting a new site or optimizing and rebuilding an old website. Nowadays, as the manager of a business, you require to find a professional web design company to design a special website for your business. We believe that, Darkob is the best web design agency in Iran. It is able to provide different services related to web designing, digital marketing and also search engine optimizing, to various businesses around the world.

Website design is aimed at creating a site on the net to sell products or provide services. The website design process consists of content creation, graphic design, and optimization (SEO). All of these services are provided by Darkob for different businesses in Iran. actually, according to our customers, Darkob’s SEO services, its web design services and also its digital marketing services could help various businesses to boost themselves. In fact, web design means using solutions to make the site look better and more professional. Do you want to expand your business and create a new way to engage your customers by designing a site?

The purpose of designing a website

Various websites are designed and launched with different targets. Today, the existence of a website has become inevitable for all businesses in Iran, both traditional and modern ones. The websites are designed in Iran for various goals, such as: crafting a store site, a personal site, administrative and company sites, educational and academic sites and etc.

Different types of websites

There are two different types of websites. We want to introduce to you:

  • Static and fixed sites,
  • Dynamic and websites which we could change,

Static sites

In static sites, each page of the website is designed separately and everything is done only on the Front-end part. The Front-end section is related to the shape and appearance of the website.  Websites which do not change their content regularly and have the same content, for a long time, use static sites. As a matter of fact, only website design experts can make changes on these kinds of websites, and site managers cannot do this. Today, with the development of the digital field, businesses owners do not prefer static websites for their businesses.

Dynamic sites

Dynamic sites are dynamic. It means both Front-end and Back-end sections are programmed, and programmers and site administrators are able to change the content of the site pages. The Back-end section includes the server codes and the site management section. In these types of sites, the site can be updated daily and new content can be uploaded to the site. Darkob web design agency, as the best web design company in Iran, can help you design a professional website for your business. Consider, without the use of a professional web design, there is a risk that your website will fail.

The design method of the website in this collection is only with a dedicated template designed by the team from the base. After designing the site template, the website graphic is designed using Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and other systems. Darkob does not use the ready-made template and designs all of its site templates from the base.

There are two different plans that Darkob has for various businesses:


Generally, the types of websites can be examined from the aspect of design from two points of view:

  • Performance
  • Programming

How a website works, depends on the type of your sites designing. For example, store website design is completely different from corporate and school website design. The design of your site should be tailored to the user’s requirement and provide the facilities they need.

Programming also refers to the specialized discussion of site design and the style used to design and code your site, and by consulting with your site designer and depending on his skills, you can find the best model for programming your site. Darkob web design agency, tries to guide its customers in the best way. 

Types of websites in terms of functionality

According to the way that various websites work, they can be divided into different categories. market places website design, personal website design, corporate website design, attorney website design, catalog website design, and etc, are among the various websites that you can choose based on the nature of your business.

Market place website design

Today, most businesses, both online and traditional ones, are looking to create an online store to increase their sales. Designing a store website in Iran, allows you to attract many customers from different parts of the country or even world, and boost your business.

Designing a store website has its own principles, and it is better for your website that the designer of your website, to have complete mastery store website design, high experience, and different skills in store website design. The facilities of a store site include the product page, creating a shopping cart, introducing product features, the possibility of users commenting on the product, the possibility of placing an order and paying online, the possibility of specifying the exact address on the map, and etc. In fact. if we want to improve the user experience of the site, we have to focus on all these possibilities.

In order to have a successful store site, it is essential to easily accept from zero to one hundred steps of buying and placing an order, including choosing the desired product, adding it to the shopping cart and paying for the product, and the user can purchase the product without any problem or confusion.

Corporate website design

Certainly, nothing can introduce your company to others like a good website. With the help of corporate website design in Iran, you can expose your business information to thousands viewers, and introduce your business to thousands individuals.

Moreover, if the SEO of your company site is done very well, you can attract many customers to your business. Your company site should contain all the information of your company, the field of your work  and activities. It should also introduce the history of your work, and various projects to the users. One of the important parts of corporate website design, is that businesses’ contact information. Your company website should contain all your contact information, including contact phone number, fax, email address and exact company address.

Educational site design and online training

Nowadays, educational system underwent huge changes, and online education finds its own special place among Iranian educational systems. By designing an online educational website, you can gain the attention of many of your audience to your system. If your business is one, that provides educational services for different age groups, by designing an online education and training site, you can also offer your services to different individuals. One of the positive features of educational website design, is that you can have an audience from different parts of the country, even the world, and you will no longer be limited.

Among the facilities that you should keep in mind for designing an educational website, the complete introduction of the educational collection and staff, the possibility of holding online classes, the possibility of recording class sessions and providing video content, the students login portal system, the possibility of viewing grades and activities, the section related to announcements, and the important news is connecting to the payment portal and online payment for classes.

News site design

Today, as there is the possibility of online presence of all businesses, designing a news website has become very important. News agencies, press and newspapers are not left out of the line of online businesses and continue their activities in a different way by designing news sites.
A news site requires a simple, but at the same time functional and attractive design. In the design of a news site, it is necessary to provide easy access to the desired news for the reader. You can also provide the user with different news in specific categories. As we want viewers have access to important and current news, we should provide the important and popular news section for them. One of the important features of news site design, is its high loading speed. So, it is essential to optimize the site in terms of speed.

Lawyer website design

Nowadays, people are no longer satisfied with asking others to choose a good lawyer, and they usually look for a professional lawyer on the Internet and cyberspace. So, having a lawyer site allows you to attract a huge number of people who are looking for a good and professional lawyer to do and pursue their legal work.

One of the most important points to keep in mind when designing a lawyer’s website is online legal advice. Today, many people need a legal advisor to sign various contracts, file a complaint, and etc. By creating the possibility of online legal advice in the design of your lawyer’s website, you can provide this possibility to your clients. Also, when you want to design a lawyer’s website, you should consider features, such as the complete resume of lawyers, the opinion of your clients, the legal information section, and also frequently asked questions.


Blogs have been the most popular and preferred type of websites in Iran for many years. Even every website has a page called a blog. The main work and purpose of blogs is to publish different content, for example, educational content or medical content, or other examples. The most common way to create a blog is to use a special CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Ghost, and etc. 


A web portal, is a type of website that collects information from different sources in a single form. Normally, each information source occupies a specific area on the page to display information.

Portals are actually dynamic websites but much more comprehensive. In other words, a collection of several dynamic websites that have been put together to achieve a specific goal, is called a portal. For example, a news portal can consist of several dynamic websites, each of which provides its administrators with special features such as membership registration, publishing news, publishing images, surveys and etc.

Websites which  are equipped with Content Management Systems in Iran

These websites, which are portals or dynamic websites, are usually created for specific purposes by professional designers or professional design companies.

Content management system is a computer program that provides the possibility of publishing, editing and managing content, organizing, deleting and also maintaining it through a central interface, and the most important open source content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and also Drupal.

One of the advantages of content management systems is their readiness and comprehensiveness. Therefore, most of these websites, can be installed and used in less than 3 working days.

Many businesses start their presence on the Internet with a simple website, but usually the need to edit the content of the site or add new content emerges. Therefore, our recommendation is that if you need a simple website in Iran, order it based on a content management system, so that whenever you need to change the content or add new content, this possibility is easily available to you, and you do not need to make changes in the design of the site and its source code.

The importance of having a website for business

One of the most important issues related to having a website for business, is the universality of the Internet. In today’s world, many people prefer to stay at home and do their needs through online shopping instead of wasting time in street traffic. Actually, people prefer to search the websites on which they can access somethings they want by searching on Google. Therefore, if the website you have designed has a successful SEO, and is able to be placed in a good position on the first page of Google, it will undoubtedly attract a group of people, and increase the traffic of your website. In addition, it may even turn some of viewers into permanent and loyal customers of your website, which can play a very important role in improving the ranking of the site on Google.

Economical website

Undoubtedly, when you have decided to launch a website, you will realize that to design a website, you must implement three components simultaneously on your website, which are:

  • Fast hosting purchases,
  • Choosing the right domain,
  • Functional website design,

The main budget that you should pay attention to, is the budget that you have to allocate to the design of the website. If you want to be in the competitive market with your colleagues on the Internet world, you should not worry about this issue. The costs you pay for the hosting and domain are not so high and you can renew them annually. Keep in mind that the website you design, should be available to your contacts and customers 24 hours a day, because your website is actually your representative, which should have this capability at times. moreover,consider as much as time, you spend on your website’s SEO and providing audience-friendly  help you increase your website’s traffic and rank better in search results. 

Save on website setup

You must have well understood that many costs must be paid to start a new business, such as renting or buying an office and store, the cost of equipment, employee salaries and etc.

But on the world of Internet and e-commerce, you can save yourself from all the side costs that we mentioned above, by designing a suitable and professional website, and by focusing on your website activities and implementation, you can increase the number of your customers with the right techniques and principles.

Products and displaying them

Design your website in such a way that all the services and products you offer, are fully introduced to the audience and update them constantly. This activity does not require the physical presence of customers. Indeed, they can see your products online every time they visit your website, and get the necessary information about the product you have uploaded. 

Internet marketing

Another advantage that can demonstrate you the importance of having a website for your business in Iran, is internet marketing. Instead of spending high costs on advertising and face-to-face marketing, you just need to improve your website in such a way that Google itself advertises for your website customers all the time. You can get visitors to your site by doing some activities in different fields of digital marketing and SEO. You can conduct internet marketing for your website with SEO at the lowest cost.

Communication with the customer

On the net, customers can more easily express their opinions and suggestions about the services you have provided, and you will have the opportunity to learn more about the tastes of your customers and take more steps to attract your customers.


By having an acceptable and comprehensive website, you can introduce your services and products to thousands of customers on the Internet world, and by doing this, you will increase the reputation and credibility of your website and your business. Hence, your business will turn into a well-known brand.


Today, web designing in Iran impacts positively on different businesses. As a matter of fact, they could improve themselves, and some of them changed to well-known brands not only in Iran, but also in the world. So, as we can see, having a business website is able to reach a business from zero to thousand.