SEO services in IRAN

Darkob is the best SEO services company in Iran, and we have the track record to prove it. With Darkob search engine optimization services, you get a custom strategy, world-class technology, and an elite SEO team. We provide all of the services and technology  that your business requires to be improved with SEO in Iran. Due to the experience gained by Darkob in this field during many years, we will do all the SEO and site optimization without failing. At Darkob, we offer enterprise SEO services that ease the complexity of SEO, as well as drive the sales and revenue your brand demands. A comprehensive SEO audit is the fastest and most efficient method. It could determine why your website isn’t ranking as highly as it should be. Our SEO audit services in Darkob are 100% transparent and analyze different kinds of SEO of your site. Hence, you can be sure that your site’s technical, on-page, and off-page SEO are perfect. Furthermore, as Darkob has been working on web design field in Iran for many years, it can be one of the most trustworthy choices to craft your professional website completely.

SEO packages

SEO services provided by Darkob in these packages:

  • Backlinking for website
  • Research and review keywords related to the site
  • Providing advice on content production and content strategy
  • Checking the articles produced on the website for not being copied
  • Optimizing website page titles
  • Setting up Google Webmaster Tools and checking the site
  • Notification of website errors and problems to the employer
  • Announcing relevant and highly visited sites to the employer for advertising
  • Modifying the structure of the site pages according to SEO principles to a minor extent
  • Website speed check
  • Website safety check
  • Providing free advice on social networks
  • Website review in the Lighthouse tool
  • Checking the website for compatibility with Google’s Page Experience algorithm
  • Providing advice on the best marketing methods related to the website
  • Inserting articles and content produced for SEO on the website
  • Internal linking of website pages
  • Sending a monthly work report to the employer at the end of each month – the work report does not include the created backlinks

In the following section, there are  some explanations about SEO which maybe you are interested in knowing about :

Important parts of the SEO process:

More than half of the web users never go beyond the first page of search results, so it’s imperative that your site ranks high in order to be seen for search terms related to your domain. It will be impossible to get a high ranking in Google, unless you do the right SEO steps. Many companies in Iran, fail to rank because of the wrong strategies. As everything in SEO is changing, it’s hard to know what practices you should do to improve your rankings. Google’s search algorithms have become smarter day by day. 

It was very easy to rank a website on the first page of Google in the past. Many people added keywords as titles, some of them added to descriptions, copying, changing content and building thousands of backlinks to get high ranking in Google were some of the things that were done in the past. These days, everything has changed. Therefore, we have to conduct some special activities in SEO process:

Keyword analysis and research

Darkob web design, as an SEO services company in Iran, examines its customers industries and can help them improve their  search engine rankings for keywords. Darkob’s SEO experts will review the keywords that its customers websites are currently ranking for, and also they create a list of additional keywords. As a matter of fact, in this way, they want to develop their website both for themselves and the Iran’s competitive SEO environment on the net.

 links creation

Backlinks are important parts to improve websites’ search engine ranking, but not only any link. That’s why you should work with an SEO company like Darkob, that has experts who work on link building. they access to high quality and relevant websites.


Rankings can be improved by doing some development activities on websites, such as increasing page speed. By correcting these issues, search engines will be able to crawl websites faster, and it can improve your rank.

Content production

Darkob has a professional team of writers who can create SEO-friendly content for different types of websites in Iran. These contents can be shared on  customers websites or through reports on other valuable sites. Today, a website is favored by search engines that regularly adds new and valuable content. Hence, various businesses select SEO companies in Iran to help them create content.

On-page SEO

Different websites need to boost their internet and attract high quality visitors. At Darkob, experts ensure that their SEO services are in line with search engine best practices to increase different website’s credibility. Darkob’s SEO experts create original and valuable content, optimize headlines, tags and HTML elements, and use high-resolution photos.

Off-Page SEO

All the activities that are done outside of  websites to improve the ranking of the website in search engines are called off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is one of the main factors in the development of SEO for different sites, which is done by SEO experts in Darkob web design agency.

Optimizing customer’s conversion rate

With Darkob’s CRO services, various websites in Iran, can improve their online revenue. To increase their chances of conversion rate, Darkob SEO services company utilize special SEO services. Its experts analyze websites, optimize landing pages and perform A/B tests.

Although SEO services which are provided by Darkob SEO team are really sufficient to develop users businesses, Darkob professional digital marketing services in Iran are able to influence on diverse businesses’ improvement.

Various types of SEO

Different SEO companies in Iran utilize various kinds of SEO. Actually, there are numerous ways in this field which can help sites to improve themeselves, but all of them are not safe, and if we use a detrimental way, it will harm our site dangerously. So, we have to be sure that we are using the best way for the SEO process of our site. 

What is White Hat SEO?

In the technical terms of this field, white hat SEO refers to the set of techniques, methods and strategies that follow the rules and guidelines of search engines. This does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines or users in any way. This is also referred to as ethical SEO because it either has a long-term implementation or uses the correct guidelines and policies to achieve high rankings in search engine results.

what is Black Hat SEO?

On the other hand, the term black-hat SEO refers to a set of commands that are used to deceive and manipulate search engine algorithms, with the aim of obtaining high rankings. It is important to know that these methods are unethical and are not approved by any search engine, and using these methods carries the risk of being removed from the database list forever.

Doing black-hat SEO tactics may cause a sudden increasing in search results, but it can lead to complete removal from the search engine database.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

This SEO method is between white hat and black hat SEO, and is generally not recommended because of its risk. Gray hat SEO methods do not belong to the white hat or black hat category, because the terms and conditions related to this SEO are unclear. However, the use of gray hat SEO methods do not lead to site limitations in search engines. Doing gray hat SEO methods can damage the site in the long run.

What is international SEO?

International SEO is another type of SEO. It improves website’s organic traffic from different regions and languages. If different businesses want to succeed in international SEO, they must pay attention to the cultural context of their target customers, and allow them to use their site based on their own culture and language. In order to do international SEO in their format, the managers of businesses must use dates and times correctly based on their target locations. The goal of international SEO is to create a good global online experience for their target audience.

If you just want to start your work and get acquainted with SEO planning in Iran, from different areas of the world, stay with Darkob.

Why is SEO important?

The answer of this question is only one sentence: searching is a big source of traffic. The most important reasons for being crucial of SEO are:

1. Organic search is often the main source of website traffic

More than 60% of all websites traffic is obtained through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. Generally, searching can effect on the websites traffic 10 times more than social media.

2. SEO creates trust and credibility

The purpose of SEO is to create a strong foundation for a website and create credibility and branding and  also gaining more trust for users.

3. SEO is the best way to understand  searchers goals

From understanding macro market changes to understanding searchers targets, SEO tells us what customers want and require.

4. Acceptable SEO also means better user experience

Today, user experience has become the first priority of every marketer. Everyone wants better organic rankings and maximum traffic.

5. Local SEO means increasing interaction, traffic and conversion rate

With the increase in mobile traffic, local search has become an essential part of the success of small and medium businesses.

6. SEO has a huge impact on the buying cycle

Increasing conversion rates is a vital element of SEO. The use of SEO tactics makes the site’s products and services more visible, and the importance and reliability of what has been increased to customers and the purchase of those products and services increases accordingly.

What is the impact of SEO on online businesses?

Advertising and marketing are necessary to introduce any business to customers.On the net and among internet businesses, one of the most powerful marketing methods is the use of SEO principles. But what is the impact of SEO on the site?

When you implement SEO and optimization techniques on your site, your site will be displayed to users on the first pages of Google search. In this way, potential customers get to know you and may become actual customers in the future. Also, your presence on the first pages of Google, will gain the trust of customers. Therefore,SEO will have a significant impact on increasing sales and income of businesses.

Sometimes, a site may have a special appearance and offer quality products, but the principles and techniques of SEO have not been implemented on it. It is the reason that less people visit this site. In fact, a site is normally shown to a small number of users, and the highest number of visits is related to post-SEO actions.

When your site has SEO principles, users will reach your site after searching for their desired product. This way you will have more credibility and sales than your competitors.

What is the role of SEO in online stores?

Most users, when they intend to buy a product or receive a service, first search on Google and compare different sources to get information in this field. About half of the customers buy their desired products in this way. Therefore, if your site is SEO-based, it will be possible to display the site to more users and as a result, the amount of purchases from your site will also increase.

Some people think that they will experience a lot of sales just by setting up an online business, but setting up an online store alone is not enough. You should also take seriously the role of SEO on online stores. This is the only way that you can see your site making a lot of money. SEO helps you to increase the traffic of your site.

Google also increases the rank of your site when it encounters a large volume of traffic to your site. This issue helps prove the position of your online store in Google. Just like Digikala, which has maintained its position in Google for many years and has the highest sales.

What is the difference between SEO and internet marketing?

When you start an online business, there are different ways to introduce your business to customers. One of methods is to implement the principles of SEO and site optimization. In fact, SEO is one of the marketing tools which can develop different online businesses.

There are other tools which are able to introduce and promote your business, such as email marketing, social networks and etc. To succeed in your business, you should not be limited to use one of these tools. Proper the use of all these methods which bring you closer to your goal.

Certainly, there are many competitors in the field of working in which you operate. The only way to compete in your field of working is to introduce more of your products and services to people. So, you become a prominent brand in the same field of work. Using the principles of SEO and modern marketing, allows you to understand the importance of the impact of SEO on sales and increasing income.

In fact, SEO measures are divided into two parts. First, there are actions that help you to be recognized by search engines and to be displayed to users on the first pages of Google search. The other part, is related to the actions you take to satisfy users. One of the most important of them, is the answer to users’ questions, which is done by producing useful content.

The role of which one is more important for businesses, SEO or advertising?

As we said before, there are different ways to advertise your business. Some of them include click ads, receiving reports, ads per display and etc. The cost of these ads is different. For example, the cost of click ads is calculated for each user click, or the cost of display ads is calculated for each display of the ad.

SEO is one of the cost-effective ways to advertise your site, which is not expensive and is guaranteed. That is, you can increase the ranking and visits of your site without spending a lot of money, just by implementing a series of simple principles.

Differences between SEO and content marketing

Content marketing means producing content based on the principles of SEO, to respond to the needs of users and, as a result, to satisfy them. Your content should look attractive and practical for users in order to provide a platform for selling your products.

SEO and content marketing both work towards the same goal. In fact, content marketing will not give you results without considering the principles of SEO. You attract more audience by creating valuable content for your site. In this way, much more people will get to know your business and eventually your sales will increase.

By generating new content for topics which are related to your business, a page will be added to your site. In this way, the probability of entering the customer from these pages will increase to your site. Quality content will help your website rank in search engines. This will also help improve your site’s SEO.

But how to produce content? If you have skills or talent in this field, write the content yourself. Otherwise, before doing any wrong thing in the field of content production, get help from a content production consultant. Content consulting helps you find the best keywords and topics for your site.

All in all,

All of these information which has been written in this article, was a brief of the expanded SEO world. Today, all companies around the world are able to use SEO services to introduce their products and services much better to the world. Dakob, as a professional Iranian web design agency, can make special opportunity for diverse businesses to work on the SEO of their sites to boost their businesses on the net.