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If you are reading this article, probably you are looking for high quality web design with affordable prices. Darkoob Web Design with 15 years of experience and 3000 website designs offers you the highest quality with the most affordable prices along with 24/7 customer support!
All our websites are designed by us from the very first line of coding!

We do not use ready to use templates. Even if we use Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress, we do not use free ready to use templates but instead, we write the code for a brand new customized template! The reason is that there are too many issues associated with free ready to use templates including security problems, low loading speed, consuming too much server resources like RAM, CPU and band width, update issues and unscalability.
Darkoob has also been able to cut the marketing costs in order to lower the prices by 50% and instead has been enjoying referrals by happy and loyal customers. We also compensate the lower prices by offering SEO services to our designed websites. We also lower our own benefit by 50% from web design income since we enjoy a higher number of orders and projects which in itself is a kind of smart marketing and explains our affordable prices!
Darkoob recommends most affordable package which includes selecting a template from our own designs with content creating services added to it. Mobile friendliness is also a major factor considered by Search Engines in your website ranking that is why we strongly recommend choosing Responsiveness for your website.

24/7 Customer Service
Your website is not like a good that you buy it once and will never return to the shop again! Website needs maintenance and you will need the web design company to offer high quality customer service, that is why it is important to choose a web company who is offering 24/7 support. In Fact, Customer support sets the difference between expensive and affordable web designs but what if a company offers the same professional support with affordable prices?!
We, at Darkoob just do that! We deliver state of the arts websites with 24/7 customer service and affordable prices! we give numerous services related to web design in Darkob.

Affordable web design
The most affordable website design plan we offer will cost you just 500 Euros which uses our own designs and includes the template, domain registration, hosting, launching, privacy and security measurements, speed optimization, Control Panel training and 1 year of customer support.
If you are looking for professional yet affordable website designs, continue reading this article.
Affordable web design is our expertise which you can buy in 2 plans, either choose one of our own designed templates in basic plan or order a customized website in advanced plan which has SEO services added to it. Darkoob is one of the few companies who offer affordable prices coupled with full customer support 24/7 which comes handy when you urgently need to fix an issue in your website.
With only 500 Euros you can own a responsive, mobile friendly website which has 1 year of full customer support. A website which is not based on the ready to use templates so will not have any privacy and security issues along with update and speed problems and yet will offer 24/7 support for your emergency issues.
SEO services are extremely important too where the competition to get on top of the search engine results is very tight. Without SEO efforts your website will not make the top spot in Google so all your website design cost and effort will be wasted. SEO services of Darkob are professional services of this company to help businesses to improve their rank on Google. Considering that ranking algorithms change on a daily bases, you will need the help of SEO specialists who are up-to-date with search algorithms and can implement legitimate techniques to get you on top. Darkoob offers such guaranteed result with an affordable price tag.

Highest Quality web design
Designing and coding a business website is our specialty. In fact, designing a professional and yet affordable website is a service a few web companies can offer. Darkoob armed with 15 years of experience can offer high quality with full and fast customer service with no added cost.
The companies who offer affordable web design usually use free ready to use website templates and do not offer any support. Using ready to use website templates are not scalable, upgradable, secure or high speed so using them are not recommended and can lead to waste of time and money. And even if you buy such cheap website design, because they do not offer after sales support, you will not be able to use your website properly so your time and money is wasted.
Most importantly, buying a cheap website with no customer support can lead to disappointment and giving up on your goals and dreams of establishing a website and an online business. With us, you can afford a high quality professional website and build your online presence.
Website design with affordable prices and higher quality is possible but requires planning and years of experience without which affordable price will not be made possible. Of course you might find some companies offering low prices without any background knowledge or experience which will result in website being left unsupported in the future.
Experience is such a critical factor in a web design company so they will be able to offer the highest quality with lowest price tag possible. Also, experienced companies based on years of design and coding website will have higher speed in their web design projects and are able to design new website from scratch in no time. Darkoob with 15 years of website design has been doing just that and was able to design 3000 websites which resulted in our approach in web design service being highest quality with affordable prices.

Complexity of the website

It is clear that simpler websites with simpler pages are far less expensive to design. But sites with more complexity, such as store websites that have more pages and options and you have to go through a more complicated process to make your purchases on the website, have a higher design cost. Also for the design of these websites that are more complex, they have more time, so it is acceptable to be more expensive.

Websites optimization

Optimization, which is also known as sites SEO, depends on the type of site. Some websites do not need SEO at all, and SEO for a website is also related to the customer’s request. As today more individuals prefer to spend a lot of time on the net, SEO can help different websites to attract new customers. in fact, SEO is one of the best methods for advertisement and advertisement durability.

Support and hosting

Support and hosting are other factors for website design. This support includes fixing errors on the website, updating the website, as well as maintaining the website, and doing all of which, they have an effective impact on the price of website design. Of course, some companies do this for free at the beginning of the contract, but in the continuation of the activity, they receive up to a few percent of the contract amount monthly or annually from the customer.

Moreover, the website implementation method is one of the main reasons for the difference in the cost of website design and the use of ready-made templates for website design such as:

  • Using existing and ready content management systems
  • Exclusive
  • Coding is very effective in implementing a cheap website at a lower price. In general, each of these methods and factors is an important factor in website design.

High speed of the website (Page Speed)

Users are the clickers who don’t know the meaning of waiting and only one thing is important to them. Getting to the desired content in a fraction of a second! So naturally, when the user has to wait a long time for your site to be displayed, there is no possibility that he will close your page and go to another site. This will also have a direct impact on your site’s ranking in Google.

Responsiveness or reactivity of the site

Responsiveness means that your site adapts to all screen sizes (computer, tablet and mobile phone). This feature helps anyone with any device to easily use your site.

Today about 80% of users utilize their phone when they want to figure out something on the net. This means that most of your users come to you with a phone. So it is very important to prepare your site for mobile phones. Of course, the problem is not only users. When a user searches on Google from a phone, the top rankings will be for sites that are responsive because they are easier to use for the phone user. So, being responsive will have an impact on your site’s traffic from Google.

Dynamic website

Website dynamism is one of the basic concepts in website design, which is very important to know. When your site is dynamic, its different parts are connected to each other. That is, for example, when you publish a new article on your blog, this article will also be displayed on the home page of your site.

When your site is dynamic, it is easy to develop. But if your site is static (non-dynamic), then adding new features, blogging, etc. will not be very easy. So, practically, your site will not be more useful than a simple introduction.

The possibility of blogging on the site

Content is an integral part of the Internet world. When you have educational content about your business on your site, users will trust you more easily. But in order to be able to publish articles on your site, it is necessary that your website supports blogging. So, if you plan to have a serious presence on the Internet world, and not just introduce yourself, make sure that your site has a blog.

Website design (User Interface)

The appearance of your site is very important. Appearance is the first thing that attracts the attention of users and can have a significant impact on them. So you should pay special attention to it. Let’s say that when you enter a house, the way it is decorated and the interior decor fascinates you and you don’t want to leave the house anymore. A website is the same way. If the look of the website appeals to you and you like its graphic design, it means that you will spend more time on it. The appearance of the site is also known as User Interface or UI.

Clean coding of the site template

Another issue that is essential to pay attention to, is the coding of the template. The cleaner and better written a template is, the easier it will be to develop and the less bugs it will encounter. In addition, good coding and following the right principles will lead to a better ranking in Google. Of course, checking this issue may not be very easy and you don’t really need to spend a lot of time on it. Just make sure a professional team builds your site. Darkob as one of the best web design teams in Iran, includes professional programmers who are able to write clean codes for all types of websites.

Why experience is essential for affordable web design?
We claim that offering lower prices without enough experience is not possible and here are our reasons:
• Designing a website is not just building and launching a website! In fact, after the launch, you need to maintain your website professionally which requires experience in order to be ready for possible issues. That is where companies without enough experience have problems because they do not know what to expect and what can go wrong!
• Having experience will result in planning for the future and coding the website for performance in such situations and incorporating web design fundamentals in your website. For instance, designer will take security measurements seriously so in case of security breaches, no harm is done to your website. Cheap website design does not have the knowledge to secure the website so they generally have serious security issues
With using ready to use templates from Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, it is possible to design websites but they must be done with experienced designers and coders so your website will not face serious technical issues.

How to cut the cost of website design?
In the following lines we will show you some of the ways to cut the cost of website design and what we think about them:

 Using Free Content Management Systems

Darkoob has been coding website using PHP language and uses CMSs like joomla, WordPress and Drupal to design ordinary website design projects which dramatically reduces the cost of website design. The main issue that is being projected for these CMSs is that they lack the necessary security which we strongly deny based on experience! They will only have security issues if they are set up with inexperienced designers! The reason is that an inexperienced designer will not be knowledgeable enough to do the security check when coding which will result in future security issues. But if a specialist coder uses these CMSs to design and launch a website, optimum performance is guaranteed. Our professional programmers team are utilizing all of programming languages, and are able to design best sites with the highest quality for every business. Darkob, because of its abilities has been known as one of the 10 top web design companies in Iran.

Using ready to use Templates

Ready to use templates will reduce the cost of website design significantly but we will not recommend this method! Ready to use template refers to templates available on the internet for free and you can even setup a website with them on your own. Considering that everyone can use these templates to design a website, your website will look like anybody else’s website and this alone can damage your brand and your reputation! Not to mention, these free templates lack the privacy and security requirements along with features such as scalability and upgradability!

Buying A website template

Closest to free ready to use template is buying a template from an online store which will lower the time frame of launching your website and the cost will be much lower compared to hiring a web designer to create a customized website for you. In this method which is recommended by Darkoob, you can choose and buy one of our website templates and we will implement and launch your website with full customer support.

Content creation on your own

There is another method in which you can lower your website design cost by creating your own website content. We, at Darkoob, can teach you to create and fill your own content and the price will be deducted from web design plan. But we strongly recommend leaving the content creation to us at the beginning so your content and website have a professional integrity. After initial phase and when your website is taking off, you can handle your own content.

Very low prices are not trustable!

Some companies and designers offer extremely lower prices for web design which generally include a website with no customer support. These websites do not have quality and in the future will face serious problems. Even the cost of supporting your website for a year alone will be higher than the low prices they offer! Darkoob does not recommend these methods!
Darkoob is a Web design and SEO services company with about 20 years of experience and 4000 designed website that offers the highest quality with the most affordable price possible along with 24/7 customer service. in addition, it gives some services related to digital marketing to its customers. Digital marketing is a modern industry which can also develop your business perfectly.

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