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Hi, I am Ahmad Balavipour and since 2002 till now, I have activities in the fields of website designing, SEO and site optimization and providing domain services and hosting. I am the manager and founder of Darkoob and for more information about Darkoob, you can check out the sample designed sites of this collection.

When I was 18 years old (the first year of university), I got married and for making my life from zero, I was supposed to work hardly and in these years and until writing this article, I did the designing and programming and optimizing of 2000 websites. My main expertise and also my interest are about internet marketing and SEO and the following article is the result of about 20 years of experience in the field of website and finally, I want to turn this article into a free book about SEO. Before starting the discussion, I ask readers of the article to take the following points:

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Avoid copying the article in your own website without mentioning the source of this article, if you do not mention the source of this article, the SEO of your site will lose and by mentioning the source of the article, your site will get a better ranking in search engines. Google is smarter than this.

Avoid editing and reloading the article because this can even be detected by Google and if you did it, it is better to mention the source.

Website ranking in search engines has more effects on the business of companies and most of the companies try to get better rankings in the searching results of search engines especially Google. In fact, the better ranking of the website in search engines is related to the internet business developments of companies which is called digital or internet marketing. In the following section, what important things we are supposed to do in order to get better ranking (even the first ranking) for the website in the results of search engines are mentioned:

Complying with principles and rules of SEO in coding the website

For getting an appropriate ranking in search engines for the website, principles and rules of designing and SEO must be observed in the implementation. In the following, some basic principles are mentioned:

The HTML coding of the website should be implemented on the basis of the DIV tag and the TABLE tag should not be used for the pagination. The TABLE tag should only be used for tabular data.

Addressing the pages should be optimized for the search engines (SEF). In this type of addressing, a folder is considered for each grouping and names of the pages are considered according to the page title. As an example, for having a page name like this: index.php?id=10, we use the page name page-title.html. Using a Persian page name will have better effect on the index of website pages in the search engine.

The website coding should be the standard w3c and after finishing, the website designer should certainly check out the website in the W3c Validator and eliminates the website errors. While the website errors were eliminated, a congratulations message is displayed to you by the website. tip: in this website, the website pages should individually be validated, so the testing should be done on every single pages of the website.

Considering a title for the website pages and using the tags H1, H2, H3, … in the website.

Along with observing preliminary principles, there are more advanced principles and rules that complying with them in coding the pages can increase the website ranking in the search engines and these principles are mentioned in below:

Creating a mobile version of the website will have a positive effect on the website ranking in the search engines, because most of the users use the Mobiles and Tablets to connect to the websites and properly displaying the site on the Mobile and Tablet will make the user to stay longer in the website using the mobile devices and this issue will have a positive effect on the website ranking.

Using the snippets (rich snippets and structured data) can increase the readability of the website in search engines. If you used rich snippets and structured data, you can check them out in Google Structured Data Testing Tool – Google Help. It is just enough to enter the address of your desired website in this site and you can see the snippets used in this page.

Darkob web design experts, are doing all of these professional activities related to web designing in Darkob, for many years.

Selecting an appropriate title for the page

The page title which is displayed at the top of the browser, is one of the important items that search engines can find out about the topic of the page. For selecting the best titles for your own website pages, pay attention to the following tips:

Design the page title for the website work and not for the search engines. The title should be attractive to the user. Using the keywords possibly once in the title can be enough.

Do not use keywords more than enough and try to focus each page or article on one keyword.

At the end of the title, certainly mention the name of your brand.

It is not necessary to include synonyms in the title; it is enough to use the synonyms of keywords in the body of your article.

The most important page in the website is the home page of the site. In selecting keyword for this page try to be very careful. Just mention your most important keyword which covers the other words at the beginning and at the end your brand name.

Finding the keywords which are related to the website

One of the important works which should be done for the SEO work, is just finding the keywords which are related to the website which should be done by the SEO work and it is used for the title of website pages and also creating the content for the website. You know the field of your activity, as an example SEO in Darkob, is a special field which our experts are working in. In order to find the keywords which are related to this word, enter this word in two Google software called Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner, so you can find the keywords which are related to your main keyword with the help of these tools.

For more information, you can study the article of finding keywords which are related to the website.

The rate of using keywords in the article body

It is not needed to use more word or keywords in the page and make your page full of the keywords. The article should be written for the user and not for the search engines. It is enough to use it once at a page and this is important that the articles and pages of your site can create a good feeling in the user. If the user enters a page and the page cannot answer to the user’s searching, in that case the user will not stay in the page and the page ranking will be lost. Therefore, the most important issue is to give the user useful and required information.

Back link building

Creating link from other sites is something that should be done permanently. In fact, back link building is the most dangerous part of SEO and site optimization and it should be done carefully. For creating back link to your site, you can use the forums, communities and weblogs. Some tips in creating back link to the site:

  • Do not focus on special keyword.
  • Use different keywords to link to website pages.
  • Use your brand name to link to the website.
  • Try to build back links in a natural way and do not use back link building tools for this purpose.
  • Do not buy back link and do not exchange links.
  • Get the back links from the sites and pages which are related.

Updating the website

Certainly try to update your site in a specific time cycle. As an example, once in a week, try to upload the new articles and news which are related to your career in the site. The quality of your articles and website pages is so important and it will have more effects on your website ranking in the search engines.

Amount of information in website pages

If the content and information of your site are deeper and they can cover the desired subject in the best possible manner, then they will have more effects. Try to have at least 10 lines of text for your website pages and try to analyze the different aspects of the subject completely. Analyzing the different aspects of the subject can eliminate the user requirements by only reading your article. If your articles are more comprehensive and more complete, then they will have more effects on the SEO of your site and therefore, Darkoob encourages you to change your site to the informational reference of your own activity field.

Subjects of website articles

Certainly try to create the website articles in the field of your career. You are in contact with your own customers and you know their requirements, so create some article to eliminate such requirements. Creating useful articles for the users will make you a brand. Because they will find a website that their all requirements were answered in the field of your career.


If you claim that you are a reliable company and your activity is distinct from other companies, you should have your own brand. Focus on your own brand because branding is what the search engines are now giving more value to it and they provide some algorithms for detecting reliable brands.

Using the social networks

Using the social networks can send some signals to the search engines and these signals will have positive effects on the website ranking. Recently, the importance of these signals were increased for the search engines and they respect them more than the past. So, try to find the best social networks in the field of your business and start-up your company page and collection on it and start to do activities with it. Some tips about social networks:

Try to have new posts on your own page every few days.

Encourage your customers to like your social network.

Connect to your business resources via social network and try to do activities via your page.

Upload the important news and new articles on your social network.

Increasing the visitors of website articles

The section of website articles is one of the important sections of the website and often less attention is paid to it. Via the section of website articles, you can get more visitors, you can brand, you can get back link from other sites and in general, you can have more and better effects on your customers and business. For increasing the visitors and readers of your site, you can do the following methods.

Try to take part in blogs and forums of other sites appropriately and continuously. Of course, your activities in other sites should be perfectly fine and it does not consist of some sentences like thanks for your article.

Communicate with the participants in the section of comments and forum of your website to re-enter them in your website, so they can have activities in it.

Do not use only one subdomain for starting your article section and put it in one folder in your site. For example, put all the articles of your site in the folder blog or articles.

Use those who affect on your career, in writing your articles and if necessary, try to link to their writings and website pages. This should be done delicately and properly.

Instead of producing more content, try to produce higher quality contents. If you produce more contents with high qualities, the result of your work will be doubled.

Certainly use graphics and images in producing your content and if you are capable of creating some images, in that case they will have more effects on the readers’ mind.

Try to activate the section of registering by email in your site to inform the users about your new articles and also changes in previous articles.

Try to mention the ways of putting the article in other sites under your article to encourage users to put the articles of your site in their sites and link to your site.

Try to analyze other comments in your articles and confirm or reject them by writing the reasons of confirming or rejecting.

Use the social networks to share your article and do not do this only once. In fact, you can share the same article again during different time periods.

The cycle of producing new content in the site

From now, try to have schedules for your site and determine a certain time cycle for sending new articles in the site according to your facilities and time. As an example, you can upload weekly one or more articles or monthly one article in your site. This is important to observe this scheduling forever, so if you upload a new article on your site every day, you should continue doing forever. Continuing this rhythm will have a positive effect on your site ranking. But always quality is prior to quantity and if you are not capable of sending new article in the site with specific scheduling and acceptable quality, try to determine more time for sending each article in the site.

Advertising in Google

Displaying the website in the Google searching results is called advertising on Google and considering this website is the most visited website and also it is now the most powerful search engine, you will get a good traffic for your site from advertising on Google. There are two methods for displaying your website in the Google searching results that in the first method called Adwords, you pay money for displaying in the Google searching results that your money payment may be done by user clicks or displaying your advertisement. In the second method, advertising in Google of your website is optimized for the keywords which are related to your activity field, so your site will be displayed in the first page of Google and this method is called SEO. In fact, there are two methods of advertising in Google that the first method is called Adwords and the second method is called SEO and site optimization. For more information about this topic, you can study the article named the methods of advertising in Google.

Using other advertising methods

Try not to forget, if you only focus on the SEO and do not use other advertising methods for your company and collection, you will not get a good result from your website SEO. For getting the best results from the SEO and optimization of your site, it is better to also do other advertising methods as much as you can. Other advertising methods for the company are as follows:

  • Urban and environmental advertisements such as billboard
  • Advertising in newspapers
  • Advertising in other websites
  • Performing click advertising such as Adwords
  • Sending advertising email
  • Sending advertising SMS
  • Teaser and television advertising

The more you use the other advertising methods, the better your branding will be and your branding will increase your website ranking in the search engines. Finally, certainly consider a budget for your other advertising methods. You can study the article of other advertising methods for the website.

The mobile version of the website

It has been several months that Google was considered the mobile version as one of the website ranking factors in the searching results and so, the sites which have the mobile versions will get better rankings in the search engines. Todays, due to increasing the Mobile and Tablet users for browsing the websites, designing the mobile version of the website is so necessary. In fact, the user should be able to see your website easily and without needing the page scrolling and zooming by means of the Mobile or Tablet and study its content. Also, if your website provides some special facility for the users, users should be able to easily do the required operations in your website; otherwise they may leave your website because of disability in properly displaying the website in the Mobile or Tablet and this will be a losing for your business and SEO of your website. Therefore, if you did not design the mobile version of your website, it is better to start designing now.

The most important ranking factor of search engines

In fact, the time the website users spend in the site is the most important ranking factor of search engines and so, you should try to maximize as much as possible the time the users spend in your website. There are different methods for increasing the time the users spend on the website and some of them are mentioned in the following section:

  • Providing useful and complete articles in the website about occupational field
  • Converting the website to the specialized reference of information about the desired field
  • Conceptual and user friendly designing of the site, so the user can be encouraged to stay in the site
  • Providing website information according to requirements and priorities of your users

SEO: Satisfied visitors

Todays, SEO is nothing but the satisfied website visitors. Your satisfied visitors spend more time in your website and they may share your contents in their own social networks and other sites and these two cases are the most important ranking elements of the search engines. In fact, you should design your website and its contents in a way that the user spends more time in your site and also shares your contents. You can study the article of SEO is equal to satisfied visitors. Darkob as one of the best web design companies in Iran, can help you to do SEO services on your website.

Having patience

Having patience and perseverance in the SEO operations is the important issue and SEO is not a one-time operation and in the future of your website, you should have the required schedules for doing the required operations for SEO of the website. You should usually provide new content and information for your website and your back link building should also be continued by the SEO specialist. Even if you are the Google first ranking in the desired keyword, continuing your SEO operations will be the cause of persistence and improvement in your website ranking.

Free SEO

Due to the high volume of requests about freely analyzing the website SEO, this service has been canceled until further notice and instead, you can leave us the SEO troubleshooting of your website and its explanations are in this article.

This service is canceled for now: Darkoob provided a new service for its website users in which the users can freely give the analysis of the website SEO to Darkoob by referring to online customer support and announcing their website address in the hours of using. Analyzing the website SEO has two aspects of checking inside the website and checking outside the website and in this analysis, problems inside the website of SEO and site optimization are told freely and online to the applicant.

Content is the king

If you have researched in the field of SEO, possibly you are familiar with the expression “content is the king” and what meaning this expression has. The expression has such meaning that, during the SEO and site optimization, presence of content with high quality which is also required for the users in the occupational field is the most important element on the success of the website. If a website can correctly provide the required contents of the users in its occupational field, it can get a good ranking in the search engines. So, try hardly in producing your content because you will see its results in the future.

Website speed

The website speed is one of the most important elements and factors of the search engines for ranking the sites, so try to increase the loading speed of your website and use less graphics and heavy elements in the site. It is better to provide VPS or dedicated server which has high speed instead of using shared hosting.

White hat SEO

The SEO white hat is told to principled and correct SEO methods which is usually effective in a long time and in this method, SEO is usually focused on optimizing the website pages, producing content for the website and getting links with high quality to enter to the website. This method focuses on satisfaction of the website users from the website by providing the contents with high quality in the best possible manner which will not make any risks to the website and its effect on the website will be constant and for the long time.

Black hat SEO

It is usually told to the fast SEO methods that the site is fast transferred to the Google first page and they usually have risks and the search engines may be aware of these methods and remove the site entirely from their searching results. Usually black hat SEO works set up their works on taking more back links with high volume from different sites and focusing on using the keywords in the links which are used to enter to the website.

Proving the claim

Now, two Darkoob websites with the addresses Darkoob web design and Joomir website are consisted of all keywords which are related to the web designing of the Google first page and also, this article is the Google number one ranking for the Google first ranking keyword and these are the signs that Darkoob has the needed specialties in the field of SEO and optimization of the website.

Do not do it

Some methods and tricks were existed in SEO that they were very common but todays, doing them may be the cause of your website punishment in the search engines. Some of them are mentioned in below:

  • Abnormal, unconventional and more usage of a keyword in a page
  • Uploading more contents without having any qualities in the website which are either not relevant or the users will not be satisfied to read it
  • Commenting in other weblogs by inserting the website link
  • Using the keywords in linking to the website
  • Sending the article to other sites by mentioning the source that Google will stand against it
  • Putting the website link in all pages of other website

The time the users stay in a website is the most important factor

The time users stay in a website is the most important ranking factor of the search engines. Therefore, try so much not to keep your users for a long time in your site and also, this should be done by means of appropriate and principled ways. If your website is user friendly and it has comprehensive and complete information about your activity field, it can keep the user for a long time in the site. Try to design your site in a way that whatever your user and visitors need about your activity field, there will be on your site.

New Darkoob service, consultation and support in the SEO field

Darkoob, due to the requests of its customers, tried to recently provide consultation and support services in the field of SEO and optimization of the website. In this new service, Darkoob will not do the services of SEO and optimization of the website for the employer, but as a consultant and guide, it will be near the employer, so the employer can correctly do the issues which are related to the optimization of the website for displaying in the Google first page. Besides consulting the SEO, Darkoob can do the SEO support services, so if the employer has questions during the time, the questions will be answered via Darkoob support and also, if there is a problem about SEO in the site, Darkoob can tell them to the employer. For more information, you can study the following article.

SEO consultation and support and site optimization

The secret of Google first ranking

Here, I want to tell you a secret that if you do it, you may be the first website in the Google searching results for the word or keywords which are related to your career. Converting your website to a database about your occupational field can attract more users to your website. If your site is complete and it has useful and required information of the users, it can attract more visitors. Attracting more visitors in this way will also provide better Google ranking.

Converting the website into an occupational database and putting all the required information of the users along with doing other necessary issues of SEO and site optimization can provide you the Google first ranking. For becoming the Google first ranking, you should definitely do all the operations under the SEO and site optimization specialist.

As an example, you can see the designing department sites of the Darkoob site Darkoob web design , Joomir website and Darkoob company . As you can see, these sites are full of information for people and companies that they are searching web designing services, SEO and site optimization and one of the important causes of the good ranking of these sites in the search engines is this issue. For getting better results, try to provide understandable and user-friendly contents.

Google click advertising or Google Adwords

It is approved to me that using Google click advertising or Adwords can have a positive effect on the website SEO. Theoretically, this positive effect is because of this fact when your website finds an input for your desired keywords in the Google, the signals of these inputs will be logged in the Google search engine and your website will get input for your desired keywords and this is the cause of sending positive signal for your desired keywords in Google search engine. Therefore, doing Google click advertising or Google Adwords along with the operations of SEO and site optimization are suggested and it can be the cause of attracting more customers. In fact, Google adwords is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising and it is suggested as one of the best internet marketing methods which can have positive effects on the operations of your SEO and website optimization.

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